Clear Filters
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Airplane fly away

Airplane side flying away from camera
Frames: 26
Price: 7.80
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Airplane, jumbo fly to camera

Airplane, jumbo front, fly to camera
Frames: 14
Price: 4.20
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Baby walking

Baby walking towards camera
Frames: 121
Price: 24.20
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Bat flying

Bat flying towards camera
Frames: 30
Price: 15.00
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Bear walking, angry

Angry bear walking towards camera
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00
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Belly dance

Camera zooms to belly dancer
Frames: 48
Price: 24.00
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Biker 01

Biker coming from above moving past camera
Frames: 57
Price: 11.40
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Biker 03

Biker moving past camera, camera follows
Frames: 81
Price: 16.20
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Bird flying away

Bird flying away from camera
Frames: 9
Price: 4.50
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Blonde turns to camera

Blonde women turns to camera
Frames: 14
Price: 7.00