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Angel sliding down hill
Frames: 14
Price: 7.00
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Angel child with sparkels

Young Angel with trailing sparkels
Frames: 15
Price: 7.50
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Angel into cloud

Young Angel flies into cloud
Frames: 13
Price: 6.50

Box of love hearts

present with love hearts in side
Frames: 270
Price: 13.50
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Carousel rotating
Frames: 16
Price: 8.00
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Children in winter

Children in winter clothes
Frames: 5
Price: 2.50
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Chirstmas tree

Christmas tree 3D rotation
Frames: 337
Price: 67.40
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Moon catches bag

Moon catches Santas sack
Frames: 12
Price: 6.00
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Reindeer 01

Reindeer pulling Santa sled
Frames: 8
Price: 4.00
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Reindeer 02

Reindeer pulling Santa sled 02
Frames: 27
Price: 13.50