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Worm 04

Hand pulls worm out of hole
Frames: 36
Price: 14.40 

Woman blows heart

Woman blows heart from hand
Frames: 13
Price: 6.50 


Frames: 8
Price: 4.00 

Wednesday Addams (handmade)

Wednesday Addams, halloween, dance
Frames: 248
Price: 24.80 

wedding ring

engagement ring on woman's hand
Frames: 143
Price: 14.30 

Walking hand

Hand walking
Frames: 5
Price: 2.50 


Hand grabbing stamp
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00 

Spilling glass

Hand tips over glass
Frames: 20
Price: 8.00 

Ski jumping fly

Ski jumper flys by and lands. Hand drawn animation.
Frames: 117
Price: 11.70 

Ski Jumping

Hand drawn animation of a ski jumper
Frames: 163
Price: 16.30