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Worm 05

Human falls and lets go of worms, worms fall in plate
Frames: 44
Price: 22.00 

Worm 04

Hand pulls worm out of hole
Frames: 36
Price: 14.40 

Woman waving

Woman waving
Frames: 4
Price: 2.00 

Woman walking by

Well dressed woman walking by, umbrella
Frames: 37
Price: 14.80 

Woman reaching

Woman reaching forward
Frames: 42
Price: 16.80 

Woman playing contrabass

Woman playing contrabass
Frames: 8
Price: 4.00 

Woman jogging

Woman jogging
Frames: 96
Price: 48.00 

Woman guiding camel

Woman guiding camel with rope
Frames: 110
Price: 33.00 

Woman dancing coreography

Woman is dancing coreography
Frames: 57
Price: 28.50 

Woman dancing burlesque

Woman is dancing burlesque
Frames: 22
Price: 11.00