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Billiard 04

Female playing billiard
Frames: 8
Price: 3.20
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Boxer 04

Man boxing towards camera
Frames: 59
Price: 23.60
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Boxing 06

Man boxing in circle
Frames: 126
Price: 50.40
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Cliff climber 01

Man climbing up, camera turning towards him
Frames: 29
Price: 14.50
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Cliff climber 02

Man climbing up, camera zooming towards hand
Frames: 21
Price: 10.50
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Cliff climber 03

Man climbing up towards camera, camera zooming in
Frames: 20
Price: 6.00
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Cocktail drinking

Man and woman drinking cocktail
Frames: 14
Price: 7.00
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Conversation, business

Two men having business conversation
Frames: 16
Price: 8.00
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Couple dancing 01

Couple dancing
Frames: 20
Price: 10.00
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Couple walking 01

Man and woman walking together
Frames: 44
Price: 22.00