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Arctic bar, fight

Arctic bar full length (single parts also available)
Frames: 326
Price: 130.40
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Building a Snowman

Making a snowman from snow balls in 3D.
Frames: 358
Price: 28.64
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Children in winter

Children in winter clothes
Frames: 5
Price: 2.50
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Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing
Frames: 51
Price: 15.30
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Holy kings riding camels 253F

The three holy kings riding on camels and passing camera
Frames: 253
Price: 30.36
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Jesus and Holy King 385 Frames

Sequence 1. Holy King in front of manger with new born Jesus and his mother Mary in background. 2. King knees down and bend head. 3. Camera front view shows King knees down
Frames: 385
Price: 38.50
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Mary & Joseph 1156 Frames

Sequence 1. Mary rides on donkey in front of stars 2. Camera up on stars 3. Star of Bethlehem appears 4. Star shines down on manger with Mary and Joseph and little Jesus
Frames: 1156
Price: 57.80
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Santa Claus Sequence 658 Frames

Santa Claus Sequence 1. Window opens, Santa comes with bag. 2. Bag down 3. Santa comes up and laugh
Frames: 658
Price: 46.06
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Santa Laughing 30 Frames

Santa bends up and laugh. Hand drawn animation with possible loop with last five frames
Frames: 30
Price: 15.00
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Ski Jumper Wins

Ski jumper wins, arms in the air
Frames: 43
Price: 4.30