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Santa walking over hill

Santa walking over hill with sledge
Frames: 70
Price: 21.00 

Natur factory

Nature transforming in to factory
Frames: 18
Price: 9.00 

Man standing on hill, camera flight

Man standing on a hill, camera flies around
Frames: 182
Price: 18.20 

Helicopter flight

Helicopter flying another helicopter appears
Frames: 80
Price: 40.00 

Flight over river

Flight over river
Frames: 100
Price: 10.00 

Flag 04

Flag on mountain
Frames: 13
Price: 3.90 

Codex Manesse

Codex Manesse history 13th century
Frames: 87
Price: 8.70 

Canyon flythru 02

Flight through canyon
Frames: 40
Price: 8.00 

Canyon flight

Flight through a canyon
Frames: 401
Price: 20.05