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Tap dance

Human tap dancing
Frames: 35
Price: 10.50 


Human kicking soccer ball to camera
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00 

Sexy walk

Sexy walk with straps
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00 

Limo 02

Woman stepping in limo
Frames: 34
Price: 17.00 

Hand clapping womans bottom

A hand is clapping a womans bottom
Frames: 8
Price: 4.00 

Glasses break

Woman steps on glasses
Frames: 17
Price: 8.50 

Foot stomp

Foot stomping on ground
Frames: 25
Price: 7.50 

Foot loop

Foot through ring, loop
Frames: 16
Price: 3.20 

Dress drop

Woman dropping dress
Frames: 11
Price: 5.50 

Dancing feet

Two pairs of dancing feet
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00