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2 comets

2 flying comets
Frames: 22
Price: 11.00
not ratet yet

Alien head speaks

Alien head speaking

Frames: 8
Price: 4.00
not ratet yet

Alien rises

Alien morphs out of jelly, looks surprised

Frames: 14
Price: 7.00

Alien waves

Alien in space ship waves
Frames: 10
Price: 5.00
not ratet yet

clouds and sun

Frames: 201
Price: 10.05
not ratet yet

Comet 01

Comet with sparkling tail
Frames: 3
Price: 1.50
not ratet yet

Comet 02

Comet coming from far behind moving fast, passing camera
Frames: 47
Price: 23.50
not ratet yet

Comet 03

Comet passing camera
Frames: 17
Price: 8.50
not ratet yet

Comet 04

Comets falling into ocean
Frames: 42
Price: 21.00
not ratet yet

Comets to earth

Comets flying to earth
Frames: 30
Price: 15.00