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Frames: 307
Price: 5.22
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Basketball dribble

Boy dribbling ball
Frames: 101
Price: 5.05
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Basketball player

Basketball player jumps to net
Frames: 15
Price: 7.50
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Basketball score

Basketball flies into basket
Frames: 113
Price: 11.30
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Basketball stop motion

Stop motion animation of basketball player
Frames: 100
Price: 10.00
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Biker 01

Biker coming from above moving past camera
Frames: 57
Price: 11.40
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Biker 02

Man riding bike
Frames: 19
Price: 3.80
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Biker 03

Biker moving past camera, camera follows
Frames: 81
Price: 16.20
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Biker 04

Cycler on racing bike
Frames: 20
Price: 8.00
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Biker 09

Racing cyclist
Frames: 8
Price: 3.20