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Bumper car crash

Two bumper cars crash in to each other
Frames: 34
Price: 17.00
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Butterfly in park

Butterfly flies thru park
Frames: 1601
Price: 48.03

Circuit board

Fly thru circuit board
Frames: 801
Price: 40.05
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clouds and sun

Frames: 201
Price: 10.05
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Couple walking 02

Couple walking away from camera
Frames: 144
Price: 57.60
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crane port

Frames: 140
Price: 1.40
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crane port 2

Frames: 150
Price: 3.00
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crane port 3

Frames: 300
Price: 6.00
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Frames: 194
Price: 5.82
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Cubes and pyramids 01

Cubes and pyramids flying through air in a row
Frames: 73
Price: 7.30